Hey guys cooler weather is on the way. It may be 80's today but tommmorow it could only be in the 40's so bring your extra gear.

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Hey guys I would like to hear from all of you that commute to work every day. I know in the great RGV that we are blessed with the ability to ride year around. So there have to be more than a few of you that have given up cages all together. Tell me about your commute, any tricks you may have to make it go faster. Remember to check your tire pressures frequently.


What are you doing with your RGV Cyle Center parts and accesories? Please drop us a line about yor trips or burn out contests. We want to know what is going on in the biker community.


Did you know that if you charge a battery that is completely dead and you reverse the charging leads, you can reverse the polarity of the battery. So the negative is now positive and the positive is now negative. If you hook it up to your bike now it can cause damage to the electrical system.

Speaking of batteries and charging most motorcycle batteries charge at 0.75 to 1.5 amp hours. You can charge it at 2 amp hours in an emergency. Car battery chargers, charge at 6 to 12 amp hours. Needless to say never charge a motorcycle battery with a car battery charger. You will damage the battery. Also never jump your motorcycle from a running vehicle.

RGV Cycle Center recomends using a quality motor cycle trickle charger. Always check the output of your charger prior to use to avoid battery damage. We have even found that a few older Harley chargers are not appropiate for modern batteries.


RGV Cycle Center is making plans for the future. Expanding our product line as well as adding new staff. All of us here are excited to continue meeting your motorsport needs. We look forward to seeing you again soon.