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Hey guys,

Well another weekend is upon us. The weather is going to be a little cool but dry. So we now come to the age old question what to do with it.

On one hand you can take advantage of it and ride, this is the ideal situation. However many of us have spouses you know then that a happy wife makes a happy life. She may want to shop. The solution is to do both I say suggest a ride to San Antonio. She can shop the river walk, you can both get a nice meal. Plus on the bike she can only fit so much in the saddle bags. It keeps the budget under control as long as you stay away from the jewelery stores. With just a little compromise you can have it all.


20190210 174045I guess it is time to introduce to you the RGV Cyle Center family. Meet the owner Robert. Yes that is his great grandson Jaxson, in his arms.


Good morning,

As my brother is currently out buying food for breakfast, it got me thinking. One of the things that I really enjoy while out riding is lunch time. I know I can hear all the "well that explains a lot" comments now. I always look forward to finding the little mom and pop eateries. From a french trained chef in big bend to a chef trained in Geneva in Houston. Yes I have had some fantastic meals.

Here's a tip for you if you are in the RGV and you see a german restaurant with a full parking lot stop there. You can get really good Mexican food all over the RGV. However a busy German place the chef has to be really good to survive.

I have also had meals that Tums does not help. The point is you do not know what you are going to get till you try it. Plus it is better to support the local economy. You can stop at any fast food chain and get a meal, it will fill your stomach. Or you can try something new and local, it may be the best meal of your life..., go ahead and throw the dice.




Good moring, now I must admit I missed posting yesterday. I may of been hibernating with the temps in the 40's. However as I sit here in the not quite a warm enough shop writing this, my great nephew sits beside me. He is rebuilding the carb on my Suzuki. So far he has only needed redirection once. As it turns out it does matter which way you connect the throttle cable to the carb! A lesson learned for him. However I believe a much better place for him to be "hanging" out than sitting at home playing video games. So what are your thoughts let us know.